Camel Pose
Camel Pose

Camel Pose


• Provides deepest backbend which compensates for daily sitting, forward-leaning & forward-bending positions
• Stretches & expands the area from top of thighs to chest, improves elasticity
• Creates maximum compression of the spine, improves neck and spine strength, relieves back pain
• Helps degenerative spine problems (cervical spondylosis, kyphoscoliotic deformities)
• Stretches abdominal muscles relieving constipation
• Stretches the throat, improves function of thyroid & parathyroid glands
• Opens rib cage, giving more space to lungs
• Firms and slims abdomen & waistline
• Stimulates nervous system
• Allows release of emotions held in the body such as stress, anxiety, anger and depression