26+2 Bikram Method

  • 90 minute class includes the sequence of 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures (standing series ~45-50 minutes, floor series~40-45 minutes).
  • Muscles, joints, and ligaments are prepared for each sequential posture and fresh oxygenated blood is recirculated to 100% of the body.
  • ~95-105°F plus ~40% humidity helps to warm the muscles, flush toxins and facilitate safe stretching.
  • Mirrors are provided to support focus on breathing, alignment, and overall body awareness.
  • Appropriate for all levels.

26+2 Silent with Music

  • 90 minute class with therapeutic music and limited instruction.
  • Practitioners have the opportunity to focus internally and explore their practice. 
  • The teacher practices with the class, demonstrates the postures & transitions, and highlights critical points of attention as needed. 
  • Please note:  If 3 or more new practitioners* attend class, then additional instruction will be provided (*new practitioner = less than 5 classes). 
  • Appropriate for all levels.
Challenge Class
  • 65 minute class where practitioners are challenged with respect to balance and transitions between poses. 
  • The entire 26+2 sequence is included, plus 8-10 additional postures are taught.  The room is warm.
  • Recommended: understanding of the 26+2 sequence and ability to complete the traditional 90 minute session.  Please discuss with an instructor prior to taking this class.
Hot Yoga Fusion
  • 45 minute class where practitioners work to improve upper and lower body strength & flexibility, core strength, as well as endurance
  • The designer and teacher, Kathryn Murphy (KatMoJam) leads class through intervals which integrate hatha yoga, ballet, pilates and weightlifting techniques.
  • The room is warm.
  • Appropriate for all levels.  You are welcome to bring light hand weights & yoga blocks.


  • Weekend classes are ~60-90 minutes (Instructor led and Mysore style).  Weekday introductory classes are 60 minutes.
  • All classes focus on the Primary Series sequence created by Sri K Pattabhi Jois including sun salutations, standing, seated & finishing postures.
  • There is lots of emphasis on breathing, internal heating, and proper alignment.  The room is warm.
  • Appropriate for all levels.


  • 60 minute class where floor-based postures are held for extended time to reach connective tissue, fascia beyond muscles
  • Yin yoga was first developed by Paulie Zink when he combined the practice of Indian Hatha yoga with Chinese Taoist traditions & reflections. 
  • Emphasis is on breathing through tightness/tension in pelvis, hips, lower spine, shoulders.  It is sometimes referred to as "yoga for the joints".
  • The room is hot.
  • Appropriate for all skill levels.